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Sunday, October 22nd  2017 will be held in Venice the 23rd Venice Marathon.

Every year on the fourth Sunday of October, takes place the Venice Marathon 42K, an international competition on the classical distance of 42.195 km with departure from Stra and arrival in Venice. The marathon, recognized worldwide by the IAAF and certified Bronze Label, runs along a unique path of its kind: from the splendid setting of Villa Pisani to Stra, through the Riviera del Brenta to Venice. Here the athletes will run across  the city to Piazza San Marco, along Riva degli Schiavoni to finish the race in Riva Sette Martiri.

For those who want to test themselves on a lower distance, without sacrificing the suggestiveness of the last kilometers, there is the Venice Marathon 10k which provides a competitive section and a playful one open to all.

Various packages are available to enroll in one of the versions of the Venice Marathon, based on your athletic training and the services you can access (the premium version, for example, includes custom official shirts and a service Photo).

For further information and to be able to register visit the website:


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