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There are so many things to do in Venice, exhibitions, events, feasts, celebrations, concerts, theatre
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The so called “ Svolo del Leon “ puts symbolically the word end to the Carnival events.

Starting from the 2012 Edition of the Carnival, considered the huge success of the Volo dell'angelo (reinserted as such in Carnival events in 2011) introduces a new event, the flight of the Eagle, which is held the week following the flight of

The tradition of Angel's flight found its origins in mid-16th century when a Turkish acrobat, during an edition of Carnival, travelled, only with the help of a barbell, a rope suspended between a boat moored on the quayside of the square and th

"The meeting with the artist becomes an integral part of the exhibition".

For some years now caught an entirely Venetian event, which closes the Carnival: this is the Svolo della Pantegana (flight of the Rat), a parody of the famous flight of the angel who is held in Piazza San Marco and which offici

The Traditional “ Festa Delle Marie” will be opened with the homonymous parade on Sat. Feb 18th

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Starting from 11 February until the end of the month Venice will host one of the most beautiful masquerades fea

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