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The magic of Carnival will be inaugurated on the water, as befits a town who lives in symbiosis with this element.

Starting from 11 February until the end of the month Venice will host one of the most beautiful masquerades feast  in the world: Venice Carnival 2017.

At the Academy Galleries, until April 17, 2017, you can admire the Pala del Paradiso, a magnificent fifteenth-century painting by Michele Giambono, sensitive and refined painter among the protagonists of the Venetian late Gothic

"On this island of the Venetian lagoon flows the DNA of the Glass, This is the true and only difference that will make always the Murano glass a special one, not by choice but by definition "

The market is open until Sunday, December 23rd, from10.30 am to 7.30 pm and it is a classic event of Venetian Christmas so don't miss to visit its stand and get involved into the festive atmosphere.

On  6  January, for over thirty years, riotous race is held between the senior  partners of the  Bucintoro, one of the oldest rowing club in Venice. For the occasion, these veterans of the oar masquerade as old witch  and dressed up  with long skirts, shawls and bonnets, compete along the central section of the  Grand Canal  from  San Toma  to  the  Rialto Bridge. 

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