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The Festa delle Marie

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The Traditional “ Festa Delle Marie” will be opened with the homonymous parade on Sat. Feb 18th

starting from San Pietro di Castello, the parade will travel along via Garibaldi, Riva Sette Martiri and Riva degli Schiavoni to reach around 4pm the stage in Piazza San Marco. Here will be held either  the official presentation of the Venice Carnival 2017 and the Marie: twelve of the most beautiful Venetian girls, previously selected and leading up to compete for the title of Maria of Carnival. The feast commemorates the gift that the Doge annually did to twelve maidens of humble origins, paying homage with a rich dowry that consist in dogal  jewelry. At the conclusion of the event, with the help of dancers of the Palio of Arcella, sectators will be involved in a traditional dance called collective farandola, which will unfold like a snake across the square.

Where: San Piero di Castello-Riva Sette Martiri-Riva degli Schiavoni-Piazza San Marco

When: February 18, 2017 from 14:30


To access the full schedule of events click here.

Thanks to Studio Chinellato for the photographic material (

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